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Closing Down - No Sale!

Fresh Web Services is closing down, effective 31/12/2019.

We'd like to thank all our customers for placing their trust in us & we hope that trust has been repaid.

Affordable Web Hosting

Your website is central to your company's fortunes so don't jeopardise it with unreliable hosting!

We recommend Siteground's Joomla! and Wordpress website hosting. 

With 3 easy to understand packages, ranging from £3.30 per month for the StartUp package, ideal for smaller sites, through to £11.70 for their GoGeek package.

All the hosting packages are notable for the extensive support they offer for Joomla! and Wordpress websites. To order your hosting, please follow this link.

Domain Names

A domain name is your website’s address. You normally register a .co.uk domain name for two years, and it is essential that you remember to renew your registration, otherwise you will lose it and your website will ’disappear‘.

Increasingly, a domain name/website is an essential part of a company’s branding. Losing your domain name would do incalculable damage to your company. As part of our domain name registration service, we ensure that your name is renewed promptly, so your brand is protected.

Which name to choose?

Sometimes the obvious name to choose, your company name, is not actually the best domain name to use for your website. For a company with a strong brand recognition, Nike for example, then the domain nike.com is the obvious choice. For a fictional local designer shoe shop, Smith and Jones, a better domain name might be something like designershoes.co.uk, since it is obvious to both the search engines and human users what the resulting website is about. We would also recommend that Smith and Jones also register smithandjones.co.uk and .com if they are available, in order to protect their brand from competitors.

So, if your company domain name is still available, then register it promptly, but also think about domain names that explicitly tell people what it is you do. That’s why we named our company Fresh Web Services - it and our domain name tell potential clients exactly what we offer.

Call us today on 01162 793 822 if you'd like us to register a domain name for you.

SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate is normally required if you plan to run an ecommerce website - it (and its symbol, the padlock in the browser) is an essential requirement for online commerce today.

We offer RapidSSL certificates and Thwate SSL certificates, with unique IP addresses, at affordable prices.

Call us today on 01162 793 822 to discuss your requirements.

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