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Every website we design and build follows a tried and tested web design process. At each stage of the process, formal "sign off" of the various stages is required before commencing the next stage. The goals are to encourage customer involvement and to catch and fix problems early.

Project Initiation

Project Initiation

After we've agreed to work together, we hold project initiation meeting, where we analyse your objectives, suggest ideas and schedule the project. Ideally you will have prepared a   docWebsite Design Brief, which outlines your requirements.

An important aspect of this meeting is the requirements capture and analysis. Particular attention is given to

  • understanding your company
  • understanding the sector and environment you operate in
  • understanding your target audience
  • finding the correct keywords and the appropriate search engine and social media strategies
  • agreeing the correct calls to action and outcomes desired.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture

website information architectureDuring this phase we map your requirement and objectives to the structure of the website. We look at your content and answer questions such as, how does it relate, how will users find and consume it? From these answers we are able to build the best menu structure and information architecture possible for your website.

We also factor in the user experience. How will users interact, how can we best guide them to fulfill your goals and objectives.

We then construct wireframes, which layout the information on the page and the types of pages required. These are then guides for the designers.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

We then undertake extensive keyword analysis, finding out what are most effective keyword phrases and those keywords that will return the best results. Only then, when we have a clear idea of the audiences and how to reach them, do we think about the actual design, or look and feel, of the website.

Ideally, a website should be built up from the audience and keyword analysis, rather than optimised afterwards. The outcomes of this analysis are the information architecture wireframes and site maps, with each page having clearly defined target outcomes and realisations.

Design Phase

Website Design Phase

web design processThe design phase proper then commences. Design is an iterative process, and requires client involvement. First, we try out ideas in-house, based upon on the target audience and keyword analysis. Then we present possible design ideas to our client, analyse the feedback and re-cut the designs if necessary. When the client is happy with the design, we start the actual website build.

Build Phase

Website Build Phase

magento template code viewOnce the designs have been agreed, we commence the build phase, when we turn the designs into standards compliant html. When the html is finished, we ask the client to review and test the html - to ensure its compliant with the agreed design and works as expected.

If we are building an ecommerce or Content Management Systems (CMS) website, we then construct the template(s).


website speed testingTesting actually happens throughout the build process - leaving it until the end is too late. We test to make sure the code works, the people can use it and that it's as fast as possible.

When the website build and testing is near completion, we invite customer feedback and incorporate ideas into the final iteration. After thorough testing and user feedback, the website is then due for launch.

Launch Phase

Website Launch Phase

It's not enough just to put a website live and hope all goes well. Your website needs monitoring, feedback and search engine placement require analysis, design or content tweaking may be necessary. The goal is to ensure that the website is as performant as possible.

Why not download our simple Web Design Checklist?

Maintenance Phase

Website Maintenance Phase

Once your website is live, you now have to maintain it. Gone are the days when you could leave your website untouched for months on end. Google likes fresh content, your competitors will be responding to your online challenge, your social media strategy needs to be flexible - all these factors mean that you need to maintain your website.

With our website content management system (CMS) you can easily maintain your website content and manage this challenge. We also offer a monthly maintenance support, where we are responsible for content updates and maintaining your search engine visibility.

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