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Fresh Web Services is closing down, effective 31/12/2019.

We'd like to thank all our customers for placing their trust in us & we hope that trust has been repaid.

Having delivered a number of successful Magento websites, we've developed two bespoke Magento training courses for our clients. We are now offering these one-day Magento training courses to help you improve your store's performance.

These courses are hands-on and are delivered by our experienced trainer, Eddie. They include full course notes and can be used to resolve problems you are experiencing while you receive training. They can be delivered at your office or at our offices in central Leicester.


Magento Administration Training

This one-day course will help get you up to speed in managing your Magento website. Whether your a novice Magento user or want some extra hands on help, this Magento course will prove extremely beneficial.

Course Details:

This course covers the essential for managing your Magento store. Topics include:

  • Catalogue Management - adding categories, products, images, attributes, etc.
  • Customer Management - managing customers, customer groups, etc.
  • Order Management - order fulfilment, invoicing, refunds, etc.
  • Store Configuration - managing currencies and exchange rates, shipping, payment methods, invoice design, email templates, and more.
  • Store Management - cron jobs, indexing, htaccess rules, robots,txt files, site speed and more.

After taking this course you will be confident in your ability to manage your Magento website and maximise its potential.


One day


£400 (+ travel costs if on-site)

Promoting Your Magento Store

Course Details:

This one day Magento marketing course shows you how to maximise your store's search engine marketing potential. Topics covered include:

  • Search Engine Essentials - the how, the what and the why.
  • Keyword Essentials - keyword discovery, mapping and measuring success. How to find the right keywords, write compelling copy and improve conversions. Shows you how to optimise category and product descriptions, write calls to action and more.
  • Magento SEO - how to optimise your "on page" assets for maximum exposure, how to optimise category and product descriptions. Includes htaccess, robots.txt and more.
  • Google Essentials:
    • Google Analytics - measuring success and finding new opportunities with Google Analytics. 
    • Google Webmaster Tools  - using Google Webmaster Tools to maintain a healthy website and discover new niches. 
    • Google Adwords - how running a PPC campaign can increase revenue across paid and natural channels.
  • Marketing Your Website - how to use other channels (social media such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc) to improve exposure and Google rankings.
  • The importance of mobile - making sure that you're ready for the future of search.

After taking this course you will be confident that you are following best practice and are ready for increased sales.


One day


£400 (+ travel costs if on-site)

These courses can be taken together or as a one-off. Please call us on 0116 279 3822 if you would like to enquire about these courses, take up references, etc.


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