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Fresh Web Services is closing down, effective 31/12/2019.

We'd like to thank all our customers for placing their trust in us & we hope that trust has been repaid.

After the success of the launch of their Magento website, K-Tech Suspension asked us to move their unweidly Drupal website to Wordpress, and to redesign the site as part of the project.


About K-Tech Suspension

K-Tech Suspension are specialist designers and manufacturers of motorcycle suspension units. Known throughout the motorcycle world, their products are used by the leading bike racing teams for road, race and off-road events. For example, in 2019, 50% of the Isle of Man TT winners were using K-Tech suspension gear.

About the project

K-Tech's existing Drupal website served several functions, both as a brand ambassador and as a product information resource, especially for dealers, who were able to register and receive access to a document library. However, over time managing the Drupal interface became a break on growth of the website's main marketing missions, as too much of the day to day work required intervention by the original web build agency. An additional complication was that much of the product information on the website duplicated the information that was found on their Magento store.

The Solution

k tech brand road
Working with the marketing manager, we helped rescope the goal of the website, with the main marketing mission be refined down to promoting and developing the K-Tech brand. With this in mind, we removed individual product pages, instead using the concept of landing pages to introduce the various product categories, and sending visitors to the Store site for information on individual products. The document library was moved over to Sharepoint, with access provided to approved dealers and suppliers.

In many respects, the new website aligns with the "less is more" concept. We have stripped the website down to focus on a core objective, resulting in a website that is more focused, easier to use and manage, and better for the visitor.

Satisfied Clients

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