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K-Tech Suspension are a Derbyshire company that design and manufacture a range of specialist suspension equipment and tools for the global road racing and motocross championships bike market. They sell to the trade and consumers and needed a new B2C and B2B Magento website.

The Problem

Their existing Magento website lacked a degree of flexibility with regard to stock control and product management. The site was also exclusively geared towards the B2C market, and there was a need to provide traders with access to special prices and content based on their trading relationship and status. Finally, the site was design heavy, any changes were dependent upon graphic design resources to keep the look and feel consistent.

The Solution

Improved Site Functionality

Working with the Marketing Manager and the product development team, we conducted audits to identify the where their existing website fell down and where they wanted to take a new website.

A particular sticking point was the issue of product management and stock control. To help overcome these issues we integrated SageLine 50 accounts with Magento, so that product information and stock were managed in Sage and updates pushed to the website. Similarly, sales and new customers were pulled down automatically from the website, considerably reducing the overhead of sales fulfilment.

We also simplified the design of the website, with the use of fewer category banners and a less design heavy home page. This means the website team are able to take control of their website without needing to source new graphic elements.

 ktech suspension magento homepage
magento product page


We have also taken the first steps to making their website a full B2B offering. By mapping Magento customer groups with customer segments in Sage, we are able to manage and syncronise trade group prices and discounts between Sage and Magento. Going forward trade customers will be able to see group specific prices and products that are unique to their customer or trade segment.


More recent work has resulted in us developing extensions to restrict payment methods based on customer groups and retricting the right to buy a product based on a user's permissions.


This new Magento website provides a more manageable platform for K-Tech Suspension from which to develop a more fully featured B2B sales platform.

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