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Document Genetics are a Northamptonshire company specialising in selling business automation software and consultancy services. They approached Fresh Web Services to re-design their rather dated website, which didn't work on modern mobile phones or tablets, and to help implement a renewed SEO strategy.


The Problem

The Document Genetics website was originally designed in 2012 and was looking rather tired and dated. Compounding this problem was that the site was not responsive, and their visitor stats showed an increasing minority of users accessing their website using a tablet or mobile phone. Another problem was that the structure of the website had evolved over time and the content was increasingly difficult to organise and find. Another problem was the many of the article styles were "inline" (font-size, colour, etc, were added within the articles) which meant the look of the website often lacked consistency. Finally, content blocks such as case studies were similarly styled inline, meaning they were difficult and time consuming to reproduce, with the outcome that new relevant content often took too long to be published.

The Solution

Improved Site Architecture

Working with the Marketing Manager we conducted content and SEO audits to identify the most important and search engine performant content. We then created a more appropriate site architecture, making the core content more easy to find. We used a "mega menu" to improve the user experience and make the site's structure clearer to the end user.

doc gen menu
document genetics features

Easier Content Creation

We also used a Page Builder component to design and build content blocks or snippets that could be easily re-created. These could then be inserted into a page in a grid layout out using a drop and drag interface, providing the author with the ability to easily create layouts appropriate to the content and consistent across the whole site.

Sometimes a website's content becomes dated because of the sheer effort required to add new content. Easing the tasks of the editor should help combat this problem.

Responsive First Design

Traditionally we designed for desktop users and then attempted to retrofit the design for mobiles and tablets. This approach is still relevant, especially in a B2B environment, where desktop is still the primary viewing device.

In this instance, we instead decided to future proof the outcomes by adopting a "responsive first design" approach. We did this to ensure that Document Genetics investment was future proofed as far as possible, so that if mobile usage continues to grow, their website will be well positioned.

doc gen responsive design

case studies consistent user interface

Consistent User Experience

One of the problems of the original website was that many of the styles and content elements were coded inline. This meant that creating new elements was difficult and time consuming. To overcome this problem we created consistently styled content elements that could be easily created without the author worring about layout or styles of the finished item. The Case Studies is an example. Creating a new case study is easy and is completed using a special widget. The result is a consistent interface and reduced work load for the authors and editors.

Consistent Calls To Action

A feature we introduced was context aware calls to action (CTA). Rather than a standard "Give us a call" type of CTA, we used Joomla modules to enable the marketing team to tailor their CTA messaging depending upon the content and the context of the user's interaction with the site. This provides the opportunity to improve conversion rates and grow the number of sales leads provided by the website.

document genetics calls to action

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